For all users

Is the use of WaitSafe free of charge?

Yes! We see ourselves as a social service. First and foremost, we want to help society to pursue various everyday activities safely and relaxed despite various restrictions. In addition, we would like to make a significant contribution, especially for the retail, to bring customers back into the shops without any problems and worries.
To finance our service we are happy to receive donations from people who find our system simply useful for their everyday life. Companies that can generate revenue again thanks to our service are welcome to support us as sponsors.

For customers/visitors

What benefits does WaitSafe have for stationary shop customers?

You no longer have to wait in a queue, but you get planning security. You avoid close contacts because you can consider the shops' occupancy when selecting your appointments. In this way you reduce potential health risks and generally have a more relaxed shopping experience.

How do I book an appointment?

In general, you should find a QR code at the entrance of the store or restricted access facility, which you scan with your smartphone or tablet. This will take you directly to the appointment booking page for that location. There you can either book the next available appointment or choose an appointment within the next few days.

What do I have to do when I get to the shop/facility?

The most important thing: Be there at the right time, but please not too early! Ideally you should scan the check-in/check-out code behind the entrance (if available) and scan this code again when leaving. This way you can make sure that you are really there and help us to make the system more powerful. For example, the store can use this data to adjust the default appointment duration.

How secure is my personal information when using WaitSafe?

As a customer/visitor you do not need to provide any personal data. Your user profile only corresponds to your browser or multiple browsers, if you have linked them together. This means that each user profile is basically completely anonymous. The randomly generated browser identification is a 128 character string and is used exclusively for communication between the browser and the WaitSafe server. With regard to a possible contact tracking, we orientate ourselves on the 10 touchstones of the CCC (in German). We generally recommend reading these touchstones before using technical systems that are intended to support the determination of infection chains.
WaitSafe is primarily intended to make it possible to return to places of all kinds in everyday life under the measures of access and contact restrictions.

For providers

What are the benefits of WaitSafe for business operators?

You give your customers an incentive to come back despite contact limitations and restrictions on your business operations. Your customers enter your business without any previous stress of waiting in a queue. Since the selection of an optimal appointment is made by your customers taking into account the occupancy, you can distribute your workload over the day and lower the peaks.

What effort do I have when using WaitSafe?

You only need to register free of charge and confirm your e-mail address. Afterwards you create your place(s) with public traffic, for this you only need a few details like the position or the allowed number of people at the place. For each location you enter the respective opening hours. Once you have made these few settings, download two posters and hang them up:
1. the notice to your appointment booking page (in front of the entrance so that it can be read and scanned from the outside)
2. the check-in/check-out notice (behind the entrance so that it can be easily scanned when entering and leaving the premise).
Place a link to your appointment booking page on your website, Facebook page or in print media.
After you have had this one-time effort, you basically don't need to do anything else.

What do I have to do when customers come into the store?

Simply do what you do the best: Offer your customers a good shopping experience! You don't need any security staff or special technical devices.

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